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Who are Website Developers? What is their work?

Website developers are people who are responsible for building a solid website by writing relevant codes. Developing a website involves working on the frontend, the backend together for designing a responsive webpage, and managing the database which stores the information used within a website. In conclusion, these components provide coherence to the website’s functionality.

What are the components of web development?

FrontEnd – This is the user-side of the website. Frontend developers work with Html, CSS, and javascript to create an interactive front page for the website. It is vital for a responsive and engaging experience for both the client and the user.

  • Responsive web designs – The presentation and performance of a website are in the hands of a frontend developer. To look good and attract organic traffic on the webpage, a website should be able to adapt to the shrinking screen sizes. In short, everyone prefers an interactive web design over a distorted and out-of-shape layout. The frontend developers use the language of HTML and CSS together to design a web page.

Behind the scenes of a website developers work

BackEnd – This is the server-side of the website. The backend developers work behind the scenes to ensure full usability and scalability of a specific website and steer clear of any compromises. Their work includes building APIs, managing databases, writing logical programming codes, and securing the pathways of the URLs.

  • Application Programming Interface – APIs have a key role in executing multiple interaction between two websites. It creates a funnel for products and services to reach their end consumers through various intermediaries for example; If soemone has to book a ticket from Delhi to Goa then he will make this transaction through intermediaries like Makemytrip, Amazon, Ixigo etc. The websites will interact with the airlines main website through an API key. An API key tells the main website that the request is coming from an authentic server and thus results in successful exchange of information.
  • Managing Database – The server recieves a request from the client in the form of a url. The urls are stored in the database on the server of a website. Backend developers manage this database by writing codes that answers to those requests that are generated through a specific url. The codes help browsers in communicating with the database and perform acions like read, update and delete information.
  • Security and authorization – It is the job of a backend developer to secure the database stored on the server of a website. This task is accomplished by writing high-quality codes and preparing logical sitemaps for a website. Nowadays, data stealing has become a common issue therefore, a secure website is important for proper mechanism of the website.

Jack of all trades- Full-stack website developers

Full-stack developer – A Full-stack developer is a whole package (Frontend and Backend) in itself. They work on both the frontend and backend together which helps them to gain a clear idea of all the required functions. The entire framework is easy to coordinate and smoothly executed. Usually, small company’s who are on a budget prefer working with full-stack developers.

Website developers work

How do web developers work?

Web developers are constantly working to match [pace with the changing times and users’ needs. To ensure that a program is working efficiently our web developers conduct reviews and meeting with the clients, on a regular basis. They are the anchor which holds the website together by channelizing their mind and soul on analysis, code reviews, surveys, maintenance, and client meetings.

Let’s expand on the responsibilities of a web developer to get a better understanding of their role. The basic point is to keep a 360-degree approach that will begin by understanding the goals of the client. Therefore, discussion on the functional and non-functional requirements of the website should be the first thing on the to-do list of a website developer.

The next thing is code review. It is important that the written codes undergo a review process before they are launched. In this process, if any bugs, unwanted glitches are found then it is corrected. The final code is thereafter written and delivered to the client.

A web developer’s hands are full since writing a code is just one of the many things that they do. But these codes lay the very wireframe of the whole system on which our everyday activities are dependent.

What are the languages used by the Website developers?

We know that the computer doesn’t understand the English language and so the algorithm tells us to write codes. Therefore, website developers write codes using specific languages that give commands and carry requests to the server to perform a function on the website. They use languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, javascript, SQL query, java, etc.

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