Web Design & Development

Structured Navigation

We focus on creating an easy navigation system for your website. Every category would have a separate space with proper room to breathe. It is an integral part of Website development since we want that your customers should have a seamless experience when they come to your website. Nobody has the time to stop and properly figure out a website’s curriculum. Everything that they came looking for can be easily spotted. In addition, this also helps Google to list your website under an authentic and accountable list of websites.Therefore, this will facilitate a feeling of belongingness for the customers and quicken the process of being discovered, simultaneously.


On the Go Design

A website should be flexible with the change of place and change of device. With the same top-notch user experience that we get on the website accessed through desktop, we design our websites keeping in mind the mobile interface as well. Customer interaction on mobile is different when compared with desktop/laptops. So, we channelise our energy in making the small stubborn links on mobile as accessible as on laptops and thus deliver our excellence in backend development services. The fear of missing out should be of no concern here since by catering to the mobile interface we are adapting according to the movement of the user. The mobile interface and graphic is aligned with the desktop landscape. Moreover, by removing this barrier a business becomes more accessible and easier to work with.

SEO Friendly Websites

The whole business comes to its fruition when a customer finds it online. Our team of Seo experts take care of that angle efficiently. To stay relevant with the changing times we have to attract a range of traffic to our website in a very short period. However, at WebsCrush, the programming is designed in a manner that it does not take much time for Google-Bot to rank your page on the search engine. Also, we are result-driven and fully committed to present to you a design that will carve each step of success of your business engagingly.


Content Management System

We also design using a Content Management System where you can have the option of editing and adding necessary changes according to your environment. This is because you and we will together sketch out the range of solutions for your website. It is more about leveraging the technologies we have at our disposal and getting the best out of it.

How Do We Stay on Top of Our Game
From Scratch

We meet our clients to address the elephant in the room- What do they have in mind? A sketch of their website. A brief description of their purpose. And there we have it.

On Paper

After having an  idea of the website, we lay it on the paper- the basics of the website. Our client will approve the rough design and in this step only we add suggestions, our expertise inputs, edits and changes in the plan. Once it is done then we move on.

On Screen

We present a visual display of the design that we have finalised after the discussion. A walkthrough of the design takes place. Also, we do not hesitate in building the design again if our client does not agree with it.


At this step our programmers test the functioning of the website and make sure everything will run smoothly as designed.


Before launching the website it is important to check for any bugs in the system. Bugs can interfere with the efficient working of the website. Therefore, kill the bug, if any.


We are ready to launch the website in its essence. It is mobile and desktop friendly. Therefore, it can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to create a Website?

We want you to get the best from our company and make your business stand out. Our prices vary according to the complexities of the website. It is very difficult to state a price right away. But just to give you an idea our prices start from INR 5000 and can go up as per the requirements of the website.

Do we provide Domain Registration and Website Hosting Services?

Yes, we certainly do. Our coverage goes to all online and offline requirements of our customers.

How much time will it take to complete the website design?

We deliver the complete website within 6-10 days. But, again it might vary based on the complexities of the website.

What Payment methods we accept?

We accept all. You name it and we do. We believe that mode of payment should not be any barrier in our growth trajectory.