UI/UX Design

User Interface

How do we design an interface? We want that an interface should match with the purpose of the business and be enjoyable for an immersive user experience. For that, first, we settle the goal and then layout a mock design. Breaking down the process for better understanding of the order of things, an interface is made after consulting with the clients, choosing the right format (GUIs, VUIs, and gesture-based interfaces), elements that need to be grouped together and customer’s likeability which is equally important. The entire architecture of the website’s user interface should reflect the main theme of a form that follows its function.


User Experience

A user experience is a record of the customer’s satisfaction from a product. We are bent upon making the interaction of the product with the customers a telling experience. A value that is designed as per the problems of the users and inculcating a solution within that makes the product ubiquitous. Our adroit team members work to integrate the look and feel aspect of the product through intense research and user-generated surveys. Last but not the least, the usability of the product. It should come full circle in terms of look, feel, value and usability because without it there is no credibility of the product.


The first design is not the final we know. It undergoes many changes at various levels. Graphic designers and UI/UI developers work in consonance with the users and ask them questions about the product in sight. Is it desirable? Does the design match the message? Is the typography communicative enough? Or is it too decorative? And so on. These questions are formed around the prototype that we present as a mock up design. It is an important step before we launch in the market. And thus, every process is minutely analysed to get the desired results.

What are the steps we follow?

We meet with the client over coffee to discuss the project. The outline of the project and other aspects related to it.


In this step, we flock to the project map and gather all relevant information through research and survey.

Mock Design

After research we put the puzzle together to gain perspective of our plan. This requires a sharp eye and an itch for creative deliverance.

Present Prototype

This is where we present the design to the client. We welcome questions, doubts, and suggestions and feedback at this step.


We get back to revamp the design as per the feedback.


Voila! We present to you the final design that is ready to turn heads.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the UX design deliverables?

● User-research report
● UX audit report (if revamping an existing design)
● Red route analysis
● User persona
● Customer journey maps
● Sitemap
● Wireframes
● UI sketches
● Interactive prototypes
● Design systems

What are the inputs and data a client needs to provide?

● Business/organisational goals
● Target audience details
● Product goals
● Expected outcomes and KPIs of the project
● Technical specifications
● Market research data, if any
● Previous user experience audit results if any
● User analytics data, if any
● Business reports

Do you also do marketing of the project once it is created?

No, we do not. We are currently focused on the design and development area. But maybe in the future, we venture into the marketing field.