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What are the steps we follow?

We meet with the client over coffee to discuss the project. The outline of the project and other aspects related to it.
In this step, we flock to the project map and gather all relevant information through research and survey.
After research we put the puzzle together to gain perspective of our plan. This requires a sharp eye and an itch for creative deliverance.
This is where we present the design to the client. We welcome questions, doubts, and suggestions and feedback at this step.
We Reconnect to Revamp the Design, Delivering Solutions That Exceed Expectations.
Voila! We present to you the final design that is ready to turn heads.
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We Are Here To Help You, Frequently Ask A Question

User-research report
UX audit report (if revamping an existing design)
Red route analysis
User persona
Customer journey maps
UI sketches
Interactive prototypes
Design systems

Business/organisational goals
Target audience details
Product goals
Expected outcomes and KPIs of the project
Technical specifications
Market research data, if any
Previous user experience audit results if any
User analytics data, if any
Business reports

No, we do not. We are currently focused on the design and development area. But maybe in the future, we venture into the marketing field.

We accept all. You name it and we do. We believe that mode of payment should not be any barrier in our growth trajectory.

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