Software Development

Front End Development

It refers to the development of that part of the design which the users interact with. Basically, about the user interface but not everything about it. The structure, layout, visual and textual placements of a platform. The programmers convert the data into graphics for the user to interact with and call to action. The languages used are JavaScript, Java, Python, pHp and so on. However, front end developers don't confine themselves to the graphics, they also fix bugs and enhance the working of the software on all platforms.


Back End Development

The back end developers work on the aspects like database, security, function, core logic and integration of systems. It provides the framework for the front end and constitutes the complex underlying structure. Our back end developers are skilled at problem solving and coming up with solutions to simplify the server side algorithms. We understand the security concern of a payment taking company and therefore handle it responsibly. As a matter of fact, the entire architecture of the server side is organized after understanding the goals of the website.

Cloud Computing

There is a paradigm shift from the traditional way of buying hardwares and softwares to store database and server information. Now, with cloud computing it’s become easier to access and store the entire database online (On the cloud). There are various factors that have come up in favor of cloud computing like speed, performance, productivity, reliability and security. It eliminates the need for on-site data centers and funnels the capital and energy in achieving important business goals.


Desktop Software Development

We are focused on extending our desktop software services to MAC, Windows, Linux and revisiting for frequent upgradation for proper functionality. An innovative cross-platform app that can be accessed offline. Desktop application development helps a user to feel like they are working in an office even when they are not. It adds a professional touch in the functionality of a user’s purpose and goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a need to develop Desktop applications?

Well, before asking this question, it is advisable to list your current needs according to the business requirements. It involves deciding whether you want a highly secured app that protects confidential information by storing it locally on the device or you want the database to be on the internet server which will make your work flexible. Or Is there a need for an app to run in an offline environment. Also, what is the user’s requirement, sketching out demographics and location would be helpful in achieving a target.

What is the turnaround time for the completion of a software?

It depends on the softwares requirement. Generally, we complete our work in 30 to 45 days.

What will be best: a web app or a mobile app?

There is no definite answer for that since both have their advantages and both work in consonance for some clients. So, it depends upon your goals and budget.

How do you take payments?

We accept all. You name it and we do. We believe that mode of payment should not be any barrier in our growth trajectory.