Chatbots are a progressive tool which makes human interaction with the business smooth and satisfying. They have replaced the real-time agents and thus saved the company from spending a substantial amount as operating expenses throughout the life-time of the business. The AI/Machine Learning backed software is designed to solve the customer's problems first-hand and save only the complex problems to be forwarded to live human support.

Engaging chatbots lay the ground for  refined human conversation, enhanced sales figures, and a concrete customer relationship. It is cost-efficient and works round the clock without stopping. A chatbot therefore, is a must have for a strong online presence.

Siri from Apple, Google assistant, Alexa have already become so human-friendly and its advantages have nudged others to follow. Machine learning backed bots analyze all the incoming action and frame their answers by learning like a human. It is no different than talking to a human agent. Such technological advancements have made chatbots indispensable for any business. So, let’s make a chatbot for yourself. Don’t lag behind!

What Chatbots can do for you?

We need assistance in making a decision. Sometimes, it is better to just ask.Therefore, chatbots pop up the minute you land on the website to be your guide and problem-solver throughout your interaction with the website/app.

Accelerate Sales

When chatbot conversation leads to conversion, it shows in the sales figures. The more personalised a business makes its website, the more users find it approachable. With machine learning finding its way into natural human conversations with optimised answers, it has become easy to translate a query into sales easily.

Generate leads

Chatbots generate more leads than registration and contact forms. They will ask questions about a users interests, conduct surveys, grasp users attention by flashing offers and discounts and focus on topics around the product and services to have a better understanding and connection with the customers.


A chatbot is programmed to give you a set of answers for the questions asked. Therefore, it uses the keywords in the questions and filters the answers accordingly. It is a matter of seconds or even less. Therefore, it will help you scale up your business real quick. Also, it is available 24/7 to guide you, make interaction faster, solve your problems and make your journey efficient and seamless.

Brings down Cart abandonment cases

Nothing is more frustrating than not knowing the reason why something happened. Business transactions are no alien in this territory. People have a tendency to abandon their checkout after filling up their carts. And so, chatbots help in doing all the desperate work. It helps by sending reminder emails, offering discounts, clearing confusion and thus bridging the gap between cart and checkout.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to make a chatbot?

It is free of cost at WebsCrush. We are offering chatbots with every website created with us. But if you want only the chatbot then charges apply. We will not be able to give a quote instantly because it depends on various factors like features, type of bots and so on.

Do I need to install this on my computer?

No, absolutely not. It is a microsoft-cloud based software with 99.9% uptime. We will set it up on your website using codes.

Is My Data safe?

Yes, it is absolutely in safe hands because we use Amazon Web Services(AWS). It has gained people’s trust for being the most secure network for cloud computing. Therefore, we don’t worry about our data and so should you.

Do you make chatbots in multiple languages?

Yes, we do.

Can I change labels and branding of the bots?

Yes, you can do that but this feature is not available for free.