How popular is graphic designing in the digital marketing era?

Graphic designing is a branch of digital marketing. Basically, it depends on visual art to convey a clear and informative message to the users. In fact, visual communication is becoming very effective in doing business online because they make the viewers think. Moreover, people respond positively to visuals that resonate with them and place trust in the product/app/website in response to it. Also, our creative artists are going out of their way to mesmerize us with their innovative ideas and skillset. And, undoubtedly, the results are surprisingly motivating. It is like the heartthrob of the digital marketing era. Very much like Shahrukh Khan!!

What is Digital marketing?

Brands choose to endorse their products online through digital marketing. In this era of technology, everyone wants to be active digitally to promote themselves using social media platforms. Digital marketing focuses on increasing sales revenue and conversion rate by optimizing the content made for a certain category of people. There are various methods that brands use like Search Engine Optimization, Pay-per-Click, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Marketing Analytics.

How Graphic Designing communicate with the users?

Professionals create interactive designs and layouts by understanding the end goal of a business. As a matter of fact, the reception level of the users is a priority in laying the hierarchy of visual communication. An interface is prepared in a storytelling manner by selecting the right typography, a meaningful color palette, and high-quality illustration.

In the digital marketing era, graphic design is the most engaging genre and very active form of visual communication. It is divided into 4 main categories that we will know more about it below:

Branches of Graphic Designing

  1. Website Design – Web designers design user interface for a classic user experience. When somebody mentions UI/UX then they are probably talking about creating a webpage. Designing a webpage is a crucial job since it takes time and effort equal to any other job. The motive is create balance between the emotive graphics and technical programming.
  2. Logo Design – A logo is more than just a symbol, it is an identity for any business, brand, application, and website. We know that a logo is very useful in communicating the purpose and belief of a business. It tells a story to the viewers and establishes a personal connection with the brand. Therefore, choose wisely what type and color combination to use in the logo, make it stand out, and carve a path for future growth.
  3. Animation/Web video – Short video are easy to consume and digest. It is a trending way to make an impact in short time and deliver the message innovatively. People are likely to interact with the video/motion graphic if it tells a story. So, animation broaden the insight metrics and doesn’t force the user to get out the comfort zone.
  4. Print Design – When was the last time you bought picked up a newspaper? Graphic designers who specialize in publication design collaborate with editors on a daily basis. They work on illustration for the cover page, book theme, layout of an e-book, photography and telling illustrations.

What are the elements of Graphic Designing?

Graphic designing

When are making a design there are several elements that come together to convey the mood of the design. These elements include lines, images, shapes, space, colors, typography, and texture. In addition to it, there are guides in the form of lines and grids on the artboard that help in defining correct posture and adjust the weight of the design altogether. The carefully selected type sets the tone of the message and ensures readability. The emotional aspect of the design is communicated by the colors along with the texture that adds weight to the design and adds a finishing touch.

Also, it is not only the toolbar elements that help a design in breathing but some aesthetical aspects also bind the design together and prevent it from bleeding. Graphic designers work on symmetry, flow, and patterns to make it more appealing.